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Anglais, Bible, KJV Expressions Bible

grandes marges

Version : King James Version

  • EAN / ISBN 9781619708983
  • Verlag Hendrickson
  • Artikelnr. KJV0898

With adult coloring and note-taking Bibles becoming wildly popular, Hendrickson is proud to introduce the brand-new KJV Expressions Bible. The King James Version Scriptures are flanked on each page by generous 2+ inch margins, allowing readers to take notes or draw as they read, echoing the creativity of God’s Word with their own pen.

The KJV Expressions Bible comes in three beautiful bindings and a trim size that will lay flat easier than other Bibles.

Features include:

  • 2+ inch margins give you space to take notes, journal, or creatively reflect on specific scripture passages as you read the Bible
  • High-quality paper that’s sturdy enough for writing or illustrating
  • Easy-to-read 8-point type
  • Words of Christ in red


  • Erscheinungsdatum 2017
  • Gewicht 0.825  kg
  • Anzahl Seiten 1104
  • Format 17.2 ⨯19.3 ⨯3.3 cm
  • Sprache Englisch
Anglais, Bible, KJV Expressions Bible - grandes marges
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