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Reader's greek New Testament

2nd édition

  • EAN / ISBN 9780310273783
  • Verlag Zondervan
  • Artikelnr. ZON7378

deal for Greek students and pastors, A Reader’s Greek New Testament saves time and effort in studying the Greek New Testament. By eliminating the need to look up definitions, the footnotes allow the user to read the Greek text more quickly, focusing on parsing and grammatical issues. This revised edition offers the following features:

  • New Greek font—easier to read
  • Footnoted definitions of all Greek words occurring 30 times or less
  • Mini-lexicon of all words occurring more than 30 times
  • Greek text underlying Today’s New International Version • Footnotes offering comparisons with UBS4
  • 4 pages of full-color maps Featuring a handsome Italian Duo-Tone™ binding, A Reader’s Greek New Testament, 2nd Edition is a practical, attractive, and surprisingly affordable resource.


  • Gewicht 0.610  kg
  • Anzahl Seiten 574
  • Format 16.0 ⨯23.5 ⨯1.5 cm
  • Übersetzung Goodrich and Lukaszewski
  • Format 4 Mittleres Format
  • Sprache Griechisch
  • Umschlagsart halb-steif
  • Material Vivella
  • Farbe braun
  • Studienhilfen Standard Fussnoten, Wörterbuch, Karten
  • Schnitt Goldschnitt
  • Einband Gebunden
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Reader's greek New Testament - 2nd édition
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