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Autor : Nick Harrison

  • EAN / ISBN 9780310337218
  • Verlag Zondervan
  • Artikelnr. ZON3721

The concept is simple: Scripture has the power to change lives. This highly practical and biblical book is accessible and helpful to all who are seeking God’s wisdom and truth for their life. Over 100 relevant subjects, dealing with nearly eve-ry emotional and life need, are addressed on one to two pages. Every topic opens with a powerful Bible verse to affirm, is followed by an inspiring devotion of God’s promise, and ends with a short prayer for God’s help in living this truth. Author Nick Harrison calls on the wise words of some heavyweight Christian men and women from the past; words regarding the importance of the promises of God in their life and ministry. Notables in-clude Charles Spurgeon, Dwight Moody, George Mueller, Hannah Whitall Smith, David Wilkerson, and more. Even those who have gone through hard times like financial struggles, health issues, or relationship or family problems can still live a joy-filled and productive life by finding the power in God’s promises. Readers will find quick, readable, Biblical help for victorious living.


  • Erscheinungsdatum 2013
  • Anzahl Seiten 224
  • Sprache Englisch
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