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englisch King James Version Studienbibel

Version : King James Version

  • EAN / ISBN 9780718037321
  • Verlag Thomas Nelson
  • Artikelnr. KJV3732

The perfect foundation for Bible study and the Christian life. Build your life on it! The“ Foundation Study Bible“ is a thorough, portable, and affordable Bible for students of God’s Word at any level. It has the most important helps for basic study, whether you’re just beginning or brushing up on essentials. Features include: Trustworthy, time-honored KJV text Cross references Verse-by-verse study notes and theological notes Words of Jesus in red Index Concordance Full-color Bible maps Part of the „Signature Series“ line of Thomas Nelson Bibles The King James Version - The most successful Bible translation in history with billions of copies published


  • Anzahl Seiten 1472
  • Format 14.9 ⨯22.5 ⨯4.3 cm
  • Sprache Englisch
englisch King James Version Studienbibel
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